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Tired of not feeling beautiful and confident in your clothes?

No time to shop?

Never know what to buy?

Your body has changed and your not sure what looks good on you?





Let’s get you feeling like the best version of yourself. Your journey starts here!

About Me

I thrive on helping  my clients discover their full style potential. I know very well that mothers have little time for themselves. I have two children, I confirm, it changes a life! But that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself aside! How many of you go shopping in a flash, come out with lots of clothes that fit you but don’t match anything in your wardrobe? 

By using my professional services, you will save time and money while discovering new styles and combinations that you might not have thought of! 

Being stylish goes beyond the look of your clothes! It’s also a question of attitude and my goal after each meeting is to boost your self-confidence. 

Because redefining your look shouldn’t feel like a chore!

Each client is unique!

As a personal stylist, my job is designed around you – your life, your style, your requests, your priorities. You spend enough time taking care of others, let me make it easy for you by planning a shopping session that suits your needs. Whether it’s for your spouse who wants to change his style for his new job or for your daughter starting a new school year, I’m there in every situation to help you save time! 

I work with my heart.

My greatest strength (and what I love most in my job) is to help you discover your personal style. I’ve got an eye for fashion! When I leave a shopping session and you’re just eager to show everyone your new pieces, I know it was a success. 

A true appreciation for fashion and aesthetic, doubled with active listening and of course, lots of fun, are what makes me your best shopping ally.

Let’s get started. Your free 15 minute consult is just a click away.


What I Offer

Wardrobe Analysis

Are you feeling down about having a lot of clothes but nothing to wear? I love making your life easier. If you need organization and specific advice on what to wear, how to arrange it and what pieces you should own, you’re talking to the right person. Don’t waste any more time looking for what to wear.

Offered virtually or in person

Guided Shopping 

Overwhelmed with shopping altogether? Always choosing similar pieces and colors? Not sure what’s on trend or what looks good for your silhouette? It’s time for us to go shopping together.

VIP Shopping

No time to go shopping? No problem, I’ll take care of everything! A preliminary evaluation of your current wardrobe and a pre-selection of clothes will be done beforehand. I’ll pick up the pieces in stores, bring them for you to try in the comfort of your home, and even suggest combinations with your current collection! 

The most beautiful part of all this? If it doesn’t fit, I take care of the returns in stores. 


Online Shopping

 There are so many online retailers nowadays, it can be overwhelming !Via zoom we will identify your needs & your budget and take a quick look at your closet. I’ll identify 5-6 online stores & create a nice document including the links to each item proposed. All you have to do is click checkout!


Gift Certificates

Gift some style and make it personal.

When you gift a friend, co-worker, or loved one, I’ll help create something special just for them.

“A few years ago I found myself in a rut when it came to buying clothes and putting outfits together. I was resorting to the same styles and colours. Annie helped me step out of my comfort zone and choose pieces I would never have chosen for myself. She took the time to note my wants and concerns and helped me choose pieces that were within my budget and id feel comfortable wearing. I highly recommend her to anyone”

Maissaloun – 34

“Annie provides a service I never knew I needed! Now that I have received her help, it will be an investment I will continue to make for myself. She will be my go to anytime I need a wardrobe refresher”

Jenny – 38

“Almost one year after giving birth, I realized my body wasn’t going to go back to the way it was. I hadn’t bought any clothes since pre pregnancy, needless to say, nothing fit and things were starting to be out of style. With barely any time or energy, I contacted Annie who helped me go through my closet, get rid of a few things and buy new trendy items that actually fit my body the way it is now. It felt good to put myself first. Now when I step out of the house, I feel put together and confident”

Caroline – 31

“Amazing experience! I highly recommend working with Annie, she is very knowledgeable, kind and makes you feel comfortable in the process. You’ll learn what works best for you, your body type and she wants you to feel confident and comfortable with what you wear”

Debbie – 34

“The current COVID situation being what it is, my husband decided this year to hire Annie to go shopping for all my Xmas gifts. Her services also included an extensive run through of my closet to assess what we could work with, what was missing, along with a closer look into what styles, colors and pieces I was looking for. My preconceived idea from the show “What not to wear” was that fashion consultants were only for people who dressed badly and had absolutely no sense of style…wow, I was sorely mistaken! Discovering what colors best suit me, what styles and sizes accentuate the right parts of my body, and camouflace the ones I want to minimize, what accessories to highlight my outfits, how to dazzle without overdoing. All these things Annie clarified with the greatest of ease; without ever wanting to change the essence of my fundamental style. I was so pleased with the result and felt like a Princess throughout the whole process! In short, she is professional, knowledgeable and above all she’s amazin! I 100% recommend the experience, you won’t regret it! “

Your free 15 minute consult is just a click away.

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